Pure and Sinful ice-cream made for us by Sally at Moss House Farm. We use milk from their herd of Friesian cows combined with real fruit purees and vanilla pods, with Belgium chocolate and spices from around the world.

Just look at the fabulous flavours ...
Dairy: as innocent as an ice-cream can be based, on their own creamy milk
Vanilla: flavoured by infusing whole vanilla pods in the milk and speckled with vanilla seeds
Strawberry: the taste of summer with chunks of whole strawberry
Dark Chocolate: naughty but nice, made with rich dark Belgium chocolate
Banana: a favourite with our taste panel (the boys at the farm!)

Available as - Single cones 1.25, 3 Scoop bowl 2.50, Individual 125ml tubs 1.25, or 500ml family tub at 3.50.
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